The Warrior’s Heart

The Official Charity of STORM WARRIORS

Helping Restore Families Devastated by Storms

We need your help to impact the many families devastated by Hurricane Harvey - Please donate today and our team of warriors will use it to help those in need! The Warriors Heart is an initiative of C2Family.

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New Disaster Relief Trailer for 2019 Storm Season

warheart–April 15, 2019

The Warriors Heart received a generous donation from Builders First Source to increase their preparedness to react to natural disasters. With the new trailer ready for deployment, The Warriors Heart team will be more effective in reaching families with a message of hope after life-changing storms.

The partnership between The Warriors Heart and Builders First Source began in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

“ I am just going to run inside and see if the employees are alright,”

said Bill Ford, Team Captain of the Storm Warriors tracking team as they entered the town of Rockport, Texas just as the hurricane was passing northeasterly. The team had pulled into a coastal parking lot to surmise the damage when Ford realized they had arrived at a Builders First Source location. After determining the employees were safe and uninjured, he contacted his friend, Chad Crow, a Builders First Source executive.

The Warriors Heart Disaster Relief Trailer

The Warriors Heart is the official nonprofit of the StormWarrior team and as part of the C2GenFamily 501(c)3 carries out the mission of helping family restoration from severe weather storms and the storms of life.

Following Hurricane Harvey, Crow joined StormWarriorsTV, the team of storm trackers that created The Warriors Heart, on a chase through Oklahoma to experience firsthand what severe weather can do. It was after this experience that Builders First Source partnered with The Warriors Heart to supply them with a trailer.

The Warriors Heart will begin equipping the trailer with chain saws, generators, disaster relief supplies, and other search and rescue equipment as funds are available and will be prepared to respond to the severe weather in Tornado Alley (Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Texas) and Dixie Alley (Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas). The StormWarriorsTV team wants to remind everyone to be weather aware and Know Where To Go® when severe storms arrive.