The Warrior’s Heart

The Official Charity of STORM WARRIORS

Helping Restore Families Devastated by Storms

We need your help to impact the many families devastated by Hurricane Harvey - Please donate today and our team of warriors will use it to help those in need! The Warriors Heart is an initiative of C2Family.

Our Purpose

To carry out the mission to impact families who are affected by severe weather or naturally occurring disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, and fires caused naturally or otherwise within the United States of America. In addition, The Warriors Heart will provide education, storm awareness training, and other materials to help families be prepared to save life and property in any storm event. The organization works with schools, communities, the National Weather Service, volunteer fire departments, local media, and social media platforms to provide education and awareness to families. The Warriors Heart utilizes various forms of licensed and original content to bring education and a message of hope to families impacted by the storms of life.

Fully Restored Families

The Warriors Heart team works with families so they can become fully RESTORED both physically and spiritually from the impact of a life-changing storm event. Through relationships with select partners, such as construction contractors, roofers, auto dealers, water and fire restoration companies, food providers, volunteer organization and technology companies. The Warriors Heart volunteers are trained to how to best assist families who are facing loss of life and property. The Warriors Heart team maintains a relationship with the impacted families long after the storm has passed. Our goal is to be ready to provide for physical and spiritual needs along with encouragement and prayer for families who need of hope and restorations.

New Disaster Relief Trailer for 2019 Storm Season

The Warriors Heart received a generous donation from Builders First Source to increase their preparedness to react to natural disasters. With the new trailer ready for deployment, The Warriors Heart team will be more effective in reaching families with a message of hope after life-changing storms. The partnership between The Warriors Heart and Builders First Source began in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. “ I am just going to run inside and see if the employees are alright,” said Bill Ford, Team Captain of the Storm Warriors tracking team as they entered the town of Rockport, Texas just as the …

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